MAMSURG- Division of Urology

The Division of Urology at Mid-Atlantic MultiSpecialty Surgical Group(MAMSURG) provides excellent patient care, consistent and proven expertise in complicated urologic cases and promotes patient understanding of their own urologic disease.

The categories that separate MAMSURG from the rest are university based expert care, availability, patient satisfaction and world class reputation for excellence. The only competition that this facility is faced with is at the university level. There are no other urolofgic office based practices that can compare to the hundreds of thousands of dollars tat have been invested in the practice of treating patients. This facility has the latest in state of the art equipment, trained staff and resources.

The reaction to complicated urologic disease has been to travel to the university programs. There you would wait for weeks to months for appointments and most likely will be just another number. Now, the same expert treatment is available in your local area without the drama of seeing a doctor. Dr.Vance J. Moss will embrace you personally and establish a relationship, not a number, a doctor-patient relationship that you DESERVE.

Some of the common to complex disorders treated at MAMSURG include all malignant disorders of the gu tract, with special expertise in urologic cancers,urinary stone disease, urinary infections, impotence and reconstructive surgery, newer treatments for prostate diseases, abnormal bladder function.

This facility is nationally recognized for the most technologically advanced minimally invasive surgical procedures. MAMSURG represents the top 1% of centers in outcome based results. We have participated in the successful laparoscopic treatment of many of the first cases in the tri-county area.

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